Charles Rice-Gonzalez, artistic director, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD!): "Whore Works is daring, fun, sexy, impeccably acted. The play ignites the current LGBT theater scene with its brave and challenging portrayal of Black men. Bryan Webster gives a tour-de-force performance that should not be missed."

Director and screenwriter Stephen Winter (New York, Je t'aime, 2009, starring Kevin Bacon and Julie Christie; producer, Tarnation, 2003): "What really took my breath away was the bold force and brilliance of the performances. This is some of the most shockingly fresh and lacerating theater I've seen."

Everett Quinton, actor, member, Ridiculous Theatrical Company: “Bryan Webster is absolutely brilliant. Every one of the people he created was so complete; none were caricatures. And what a smart writer Juan Michael Porter II is. After a point, you don’t know who to trust when you live in that world. Porter has an incredible sense of what that life is.”

Darian Aaron, blogger, Living Out Loud with Darian: "These two fine actors are so committed, they allow themselves to be completely exposed. And I mean that literally. It might not be a good idea to attend this show with your mother. There's something powerful about black gay love onstage, or, in the case of Whore Works, lust. I couldn't help but revel in the fact that for once there was a relationship presented in the theater that reflected the lives of two black gay men in all its complexity."

Kenyon Farrow, blogger, The play explores the dynamics of sex for pay, and what happens when feelings get caught in the trade–but this is no Pretty Woman. Bryan Webster’s work is some of the stongest and most engaging character work I’ve seen in a long time on stage for an actor playing multiple roles. Sex aside, Webster’s work is worth the price of admission.