Whore Works: a production of Sugar Valley Theatricals

Reviewed by Erik Haagensen; BACKSTAGE

JULY 18, 2010


...Author-actor Juan Michael Porter II’s bio says simply that he “spent two years researching this play.” He may be playing himself, but if he is, he’s doing a damn good job of it, in this series of encounters between a young black rent boy and his various African-American johns. Each scene rings with truth, and the roles men play related to their sexuality are fascinatingly explored...Director Patricia R. Floyd’s smart, focused staging includes a good deal of nudity and simulation of sex, but their use is never gratuitous. Porter, clearly a trained dancer, uses dance imaginatively to reveal character. As all the johns, Bryan Webster, excellent in last year’s “Passing Ceremonies,” shows again what a commanding actor he can be, in a fearless and at times shockingly vulnerable performance...


WHORING IS HARD WORK. And now the competition is getting stiffer with the influx of the newly jobless. Whore Works takes a sharp, witty, balls-out look at a black male hooker's day-to-night struggle with hating and sometimes loving men who are paying him to, well.........you know.

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*This production features nudity and simulated sex acts